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Herlev is an attractive location for your business. Here you can read about the business opportunities in Herlev.

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Greater Copenhagen has public construction projects worth more than EUR 20bn to offer and property development opportunities in more than 20 attractive urban development areas.

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Whether it is for a Scandinavian headquarters, R&D centre, distribution centre or shared service centre, Copenhagen offers a strong platform for business. It links the Scandinavian, Northern European and Baltic markets, and is home to leading companies and talent.

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Herlev is a dynamic municipality which takes pride in the active involvement of its citizens and businesses. Our ambition is to attract many new companies across a wide range of businesses. Since 2005, urban planning has been adapted in to facilitate service and knowledge intensive businesses. Life science businesses continue to enjoy excellent location possibilities in the municipality close to Herlev Hospital.

We prioritize engagement in constructive dialogue with new and existing businesses in the municipality in order to further strengthen our attractive position. Our location is attractive in relation to the well-educated groups in the region who have easy access to Herlev.

Herlev is home to both small and large businesses in a wide range of industries. The area has a mix of traditional industries and technology intensive companies with an international focus.

The life science sector is dominated by Herlev Hospital, which is one of the most specialized and modern hospitals in the country. Herlev is also home to many smaller life science companies.

Marielundvej Business Park is perfectly located conveniently close to the train station, major roads and Copenhagen airport, which is only a 20 minute drive away. There are a variety of privately owned business locations available for rent or sale. Please feel free to contact the municipality regarding help on finding a suitable business location or to learn more about Herlev.

Situated close to Copenhagen, Herlev is an attractive location for business. The municipality has attracted many workplaces and has a long-standing tradition of successful collaboration with the business sector. Urban planning is carried out in accordance with the needs of local business.

Herlev is also a family-friendly municipality, with housing ranging from apartments to town houses and villas to provide for the needs of families, young people, singles and the elderly.

The infrastructure in and surrounding Herlev municipality is of a high standard, making Herlev very accessible by public as well as private transportation. The compact area constituting the municipality is traversed by two highways, three arterial roads and a railway. Furthermore, Herlev is serviced by a wide variety of bus lines, including an express line connecting the train station with the business park.

Herlev is geographically placed close to the Copenhagen City Centre, which can be reached in only 12 minutes. This brings the wide variety of cultural attractions that the Danish capital offers, at a very comfortable reach.

The highways connect Herlev with continental Europe and the rest of Scandinavia. Combined with the fact that the Copenhagen Airport is within a distance of only 27 km, this makes the logistics involved in corporate life easy for the companies based in Herlev.

Herlev aims to be a front runner in business-municipality cooperation. We provide a range of business services including:

  • Guidance concerning relevant construction permits and the right contacts
  • Information on soil and functional characteristics concerning sites
  • Coordination of municipal approvals
  • Information on local initiatives such as construction projects, relevant municipality projects, competitors in the area, etc.
  • Information on strategies, visions, goals and directions for the development of the municipality.

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